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Belated Birthday Party FINALE

Hey loves, here's the FINALE for our Belated Bday Party SALE
Before the new stocks come rushing in,
please do help me and get this items (before someone elses does)
to make more room for more superbly-beautiful items on the way.

I've helped you guys here by categorizing it as such;
30's (for those of RM30-ish and under),
40's (for those of RM40-ish),
50's & so on...

These are for you easy references as well as to keep you within your budget

All prices are at discounted prices and postage is FREE!
For returning customers (pls check your shopaholix number on the right sidebar), you'll enjoy an extra 10%off

Ladies and gentlemen, let the show now begin


**Lovely items in the 50's**

[8th dec 2009: dress0057 reserved for yl lee]

[8th dec 2009: dress0056 reserved for dhila ]

was RM52, now RM50!!

**Items in the 40's.....**

[updated 7nov2009: dress0026 sold to Anne Lim]

[updated 9th nov: dress0027 reserved for faizura]

[updated 30th oct: dress0028 sold!]

**...and those in the 30's!!!**

was RM36, now RM32!!

[updated 28th oct 2009: dress0052 sold to nathalee]

[updated 28 oct 2009: dress0016 sold to nathalee]

Happy shopping
Love,noradura from chomel27


Anonymous said...

Is it Top0009 still available?

Little Mama™ said...

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