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YSK againnnnn!

We've been featured again in Your Shopping Kaki (YSK). And again and again i'm psyched with what this lady can do to me. hehe. Well, sit back and enjoy what she had documented this time. Thanks Sha Lene!!

Here goes....:

I've done your advertorial for July! :D I did a Re-discovery theme where I put pics of your old stocks that are still available! :)
And also built up hype for your upcoming stocks! :) Hope you like it! :)

One of my favourite ways to shop online - and quite instinctively I do so -
is to check the Older Posts of blogshops that I like. :)

And more often than not, doing so has led me to find treasures that were overlooked
by others months ago - and usually, at even more affordable prices!

So why not give it a try to turn on the Re-discovery Channel (pardon my pun)
at one of the blogshopsphere's prettiest blogshops ...
Chomel 27?

Allow me to start the programme for you! :D
Here are some of the gorgeous things I found that are still available!
Just click on the pictures to lead you to the exact posts. ;)

Everything's really pretty, and ready-stock!

Plenty more where that came from! :D
Lots of newly available stuff too - and they'll be bringing in more gorgeous things real soon! :)

So what're you waiting for?
*Click here to visit Chomel 27 now!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

Sha-Lene a.k.a. Your Shopping Kaki
A Review Blog on Malaysian Blogshops



Hi sisters of chomel27

Adura, the shopkeeper, will be away for 2 weeks in hoping to grab more goodies for the store. However, orders will only be shipped/posted after th 5th of August 2009. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope to see you guys soon.

Much love